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Roles and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

When I was a #newscrummaster, the Agile Transformation was just taking place in my organization. We were using Scrum. Everything was very new.

New framework, New Mindset and completely new way of working.

There was lot of excitement about the new roles but also doubts and assumptions on how exactly the new roles work.

After so many years, still there is a question mark on what the Scrum Master do. I have seen people around me joke about it and have difficulties justifying the need of a Scrum Master.

Scrum Master is a servant leader. Servant first, who serves his/her team members before considering about himself/herself.
Scrum Master serves the development team, the product owner and the organization.

There are different ways of providing the services. I am listing down some of the ways.

Along the years of being a Scrum Master, I noted down many of my tasks that kind of turned into a list now. Today I thought of sharing some of the activities in detail. I am sure most of the Scrum Masters do it as well but we never say it verbally. I am hoping it will help clarifying the role a little bit.

I am not saying that the above list is an ideal tasks list for a Scrum Master. I am also not saying that anyone have to follow these. I am only sharing my experiences here to get a better understanding of what goes into being a Scrum Master.

If anyone will ask me, what or who the Scrum Master is. I will say the Scrum Master is like a backbone of the team who supports the team/the organization in every way possible without expecting anything in return. Not even a pat on the back.

Because the efforts are not always visible does not mean that it doesn’t contribute to the common goal.

As a Scrum Master I have experienced and learned so far, that its not about ME. It is always about my TEAM.


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