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Hi! I am
Neha Chawre

My Story

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am an Indian origin living in Germany. I believe that dreams can convert into reality when we take actions. I am an agilist by heart. I spend my free time contributing towards Agile communities localy as well as internationally. Leadership is my driving force and I truly believe that you don't need a TITLE to be a LEADER.

Apart from this, I love writing and I aspire to be an author some day!

I am passionate about agility and helping teams and companies across industries to make the transition from traditional project management/development to Agile.

I am also very passionate about the people side of change and focus on  improving the lives of people by using coaching as my Leadership style.

In my everyday life I wear multiple hats depending upon the situation like as a teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, advisor, mentor etc. Below I would like to mention some in detail to explain my work.


Leaders, Managers, Scrum Masters, Aspiring Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Aspiring Product Owners, 

Teams and Organizations




  • Professional Coaching Diploma from BeCoach Academy in Munich, Germany

  • 110+ hours of coaching provided to individuals

  • Certified Leadership Coach Program

  • 3 Years of Agile Coach Experience

  • 9 Years of Scrum Master Experience

  • 11 years of working in Agile Environment Experience

  • 13 years of IT Experience

  • 6 years of Project management Experience

  • Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban and XP practices

  • Experience in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Nexus Implementation

  • Agile Mindset Training Experience

  • Scrum Training Experience

  • Individual and Group Coaching

  • Distributed Team Coaching and Guidance

  • Facilitation

  • Team building Activities and Game days

  • M. S in Communication and Software Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, India

  • B.TECH in Electronics & Communication, SNDT University, Mumbai, India

What is the main difference between COACH and other services?


As a consultant, I tell you what you need to do to solve your issues. This is an immediate fix to help you with challenges you are facing right now, but it often does not have long-lasting value. You aren’t learning how to get to these conclusions by yourselves. Consulting certainly has its purpose, but to serve members and clients at the highest level, I use it sparingly.


As a coach, I partner with you to help you expand your awareness of the issues you are facing, gain clarity about what you want to achieve (future vision), identify the obstacles in your way, and create a strategy to overcome those obstacles. This is what we learn through ICF (International Coaching Federation) and this is what I am focusing more on as my goal to support and expand our Agile community.


As a mentor, I teach and share my experience, so you have deeper insight into the issues and challenges you are facing. This approach helps you to refine your thinking and cultivate your instincts over time. Both mentoring and consulting are the main go-to's when there is a knowledge gap.

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